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With its diversified team of experienced and qualified field inspectors, Comismar affords a wide range of services in the Supervision area.

The proved experience of our professionals allows us, the advance identification of connected problems, namely, with the quality of the products and so, to put in a timely intervention in the defense of the interests of our representatives.

We develop a system of affording qualified services:

   In the agricultural area, that system was elaborated according to the Fosfa and Gafta international rules

   In the chemical and petrochemical area, it was introduced a system in accordance with all the determinations, conventions and IMO codes

There were still had in consideration the international standards ASTM, IP and the demands of the industry to the systems of quality, of security and environmental in force in each installation

We also provide the next services on all types of vessels:

   Draft Survey

   On/Off Hire Survey

   Bunkers Survey

   Full Condition Survey
» Solid Bulks
Supervision of the cargo handling, namely the pre-inspection of the means of transport; Weight control by means of direct weighing in scales or through Draft Survey.

Quality Control of all types of agricultural products, such as cereals, oleaginous seeds and seed products, feed and residual, sub-products, and many others, in accordance with the respective contractual terms.

Our team of inspectors, samplers, marine surveyors, cargo superintendents and experts, observe and act in a way to obtain the most accurate condition determination, quality and weight of the products.

We also provide services of sealing and unsealing transport means, segregation of cargo, pro-rata and respective certification of the interventions and of the results obtained.
» Liquid Bulks
We inspect different oils of vegetable and animal origin, according to the FOSFA rules, control and avoid mixtures and contaminations. The ascertainment of the handled cargo quantities is determined by the measurement of the shore-tanks and of the vessel or other means of transportation and the quality is determined by the analysis of an accurate sampling.

Oils and fats require from the inspector an action of methodical control during the whole loading and/or discharge, since the sampling must be made in a constant and technically experienced manner.
» Sugar
With an experience of four decades, Comismar supervises the operations of loading and unloading, weighing and sampling of raw cane sugar in bulk or other means of transport. On these operations the S.A.L–Sugar Association of London rules are followed, establishing with rigour the quantity and executing a sampling that will determine its polarization and other quality parameters.

On the expeditions and receptions of refined sugar, we also perform the sampling, verification of the packing, checking of the quantity and packing of the product for transport.
» Fertilizers
Also in this area, with wide experience, Comismar supervises the load/unloading operations with settlement of the quantity and quality, determining, when required, with the laboratory resources with whom maintains co-partnership, the percentage of the components which constitute the fertilizer and so verify the accomplishment or not of the contractual specification.

All of the procedures are always carried out in a strict observance of the applicable rules to each case/product.
» Minerals
In the context of the transport and handling of products, such as, coal, coke, clinquer, cement, different minerals, scrap metal and other bulks, we perform the following services:

Determination of the quantity by Draught Survey, with performance according to the “Code of Practice for Draught Survey” of the “International Institute of Marine Surveyors” and of the “Code of Uniform Standards and Procedures for the performance of Draught Survey of coal cargoes” of “UN/ ECE”

Inspection and monitoring of the holds atmosphere with the issuing of the respective certificate

Inspection of the holds for checking of its cleaning and condition, whether on pre-load with the respective issue of the holds approval certificate, whether on post-discharge with the issuing of certificates of complete unloading and empty holds

Inspection to holds, whether on pre-unload with report on cargo condition and issue of certificate of the opening of holds, whether on post-load of the closed hatch condition, tight, watertight and sealed with issue of respective certificate

Control of vessel’s operations, in the terminal, in the place of storage and of the handling means, with the issue of a daily report on stoppages and quantities or other particular parameters to the product or required by the client

Immediate report of any anomaly, diligences, expert examinations and mediation of accidents, incidents, damages and averages

Inspection of the weighing on road and railway weighbridges, or scales of continuous weighing, if applied

Sampling according to valid rules of the contract, preparation and management of the samples, forward to a specialized laboratory or delivery to the client
» Chemicals and Petrochemicals
For petroleum, chemical and petrochemical products in liquid or gas state we offer a range of services that include:

Supervision of the loads, unloads, transport, handling, transfers, packaging and storage of the products, with the inherent control of quantity, quality, proceedings of the operations, contractual specifications, contaminations, pollution and its prevention

Verification of the quantities, measurements of vessel and shore tanks or other transport or storing units and issue of the handled quantities or at storage

Audits of cargoes in storage

Control of weighing of tank-trucks and containers liable for weighing

Supervision of loading and unloading conditions on the vessel, pipes and storage, respectively, of flow, temperature and pressure conditions and, still, prevention of contaminations and determination of densities

Verification of causes, analysis and report on differences and shortages related to the Bill of Lading, averages, damages and contaminations

Drawing or samples for the quality control of products in vessels, pipes, shore-tanks and cisterns (road, rail and containers) or other loading and transport units. Forwarding of samples for analysis on specialized and independent laboratories with whom Comismar maintains agreements, or others indicated by the Clients

Inspection to vessel tanks, road and rail cisterns, transport or transfer pipes and shore-tanks, as to its cleaning, atmospheric condition, with issue of certificates, whether on pre-load for prevention of eventual contaminations from residual cargoes (OBQ), muds or others, whether on post-unload forcing the total unload and prevent shortages (ROB)

Measurements and atmospheric control in tanks and issue of certificates
ISO 9001 FOSFA Gafta
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