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It is the intention of Comismar - Supervisão, Lda that its activities are constant and evolutionarily aimed towards Quality, in a way to achieve the excellence of the service and complete satisfaction of the Customers.

The company thus has as its purpose a framework of Quality aims to take for the implementation, certification and maintenance of a System of Quality Management and the continuous development of this system, with the continuing improvement of processes and the effectiveness of management, contributing to serve, even better, their clients. Our main purpose in line with the objectives of Quality is to protect the interests of clients and their complete satisfaction. The organization is committed to providing excellent services, make available flexible and adaptable solutions to the challenges proposed, with total focus on the instructions and requirements, contractual and private.

In compliance with the above, the System of Quality Management Comismar, has achieved certification on 17th July 2009, complying with the requirements of the NP EN ISO 9001: 2015 for the activity of Providing Services of Superintendence of Goods including the Agro-Food.
ISO 9001 FOSFA Gafta
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