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Containerization has revolutionized cargo shipping transport of all types of goods throughout the world. Despite all the advantages inherent in this innovation, there are still risks of various kinds during the transport, which created a new area of intervention to Comismar.

For all containerized goods that have suffered any damage occurring during handling or transport, request the assistance of our experts to determine the causes of damage to goods, pointing out the best solutions to minimize losses, evaluate them and thus be easier to regulate these by the insurers.

We inspect all kinds of cargoes, which include:

All kinds of fruits

Frozen or refrigerated fish

Food of animal origin frozen or refrigerated

In the operation of inspection to the structure of containers, our experts perform the following tasks:

Verification of the structure of the container, internal and external

Expert survey and damage

Inspection and Control of Repairs

Verification and certification of cleanliness

Certification of On-Hire - Off-Hire
In this area our main services are:

Inspections of container condition before use in terms of structure and cleanliness

Stuffing and un-stuffing of containers, tallying, inspection of packing, labeling, lashing and certification


Sealing and safety certification

Verification of documentation

Temperature control in refrigerated cargo

Inspection and assessment of damage or deterioration of goods
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