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The philosophy of Comismar is based on the development of solutions and services to the particular needs of the Insurance Company or Insured Entity in the following designated areas:

       Shipping Insurance – Maritime Cargoes
       Damage in storage and transport units

Hull - Engines, Fishing and Recreational Vessels
Transport of goods involves risks sometimes, when a damage or accident occurs, it is not easy to determine immediately the liability of damage. Comismar because of its extensive experience in the industry, offers a range of independent services and expertise for an efficient resolution of the occurrence:

Damage of Cargo, in transport units or in storage

Investigation of the occurrence. Collection of factual evidence, observation and characterization of damage and loss, analysis of possible causes, and report findings to support their settlement

Mediation and regulation. Estimation, Loss Assessment, monitoring and control of costs, final discussion and inspection of documentation and billing
The occurrence of Damage, from an accident or incident, places the various parties (owners, charters, operators, insurances, authorities, shipyards, credit institutions or others) in conflict of interest.

The business of shipping, fishing and recreational boating involves risks inherent in the activity, some random, but many can be assessed, measured and minimized.

In both cases, the experience of our technical team, consisting of merchant navy officers and engineers, makes the difference providing independent solutions for the resolution of any incidents and the study, evaluation and minimizing the risk:

Inspections of the damage on ships and boats. Collection of factual evidence, analyzing the causes, identification of responsibilities, issuing of conclusive report

Mediation and regulation of the occurrence. Fitting and assessment of damage, description of repairs and cost estimates, collect repair quotations, advice and support

Supervision of repair. Technical monitoring of the work focused on the compliance of work with the specification, the default budget and requirements

Assessment of ships and boats. Surveys to hull, machinery and equipment. General inventory of the vessel, survey and certification of its condition, safety, conservation status and operation, an estimate of their market value at the time, issue of report
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